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Wasabi Surveillance Cloud
Enabling Video Management Systems with low-cost, high performance cloud storage

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud

Instantly extend the capacity of your on-premises surveillance video management system (VMS) with this simple and secure hybrid cloud storage solution from Wasabi.


What is Wasabi Surveillance Cloud?

The proliferation of high-resolution cameras and stringent retention and compliance requirements are driving the need for larger storage capacities. Instead of investing in expensive storage hardware upgrades or ripping and replacing your current solution with an all-in-the-cloud solution, why not enhance your current solution with the ability to scale on demand?

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is a bundle offering that integrates our WSC cloud bridge software application with a Wasabi hot cloud storage subscription. Users of every major video management system (VMS) now have the ability to offload video surveillance data from their local storage environment to the cloud without changes to their existing operations. Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is the easiest way to transition to the cloud and the best, most predictable solution to support the exponential growth of video data.

Built for simplicity, scale, security, and compliance

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is deployed globally in top-tier data centers certified for SOC 2, ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS.


Installs in minutes and runs automatically in the background


The ability to scale on-demand, avoiding costly server upgrades while increasing resolution and frame rate


Immutability to protect against ransomware or accidental deletions

A seamless transition to cloud storage for video surveillance

In order to deal with rising storage costs to meet compliance or other business requirements, many enterprises are looking into new all-in-the-cloud solutions. If you’re one of them, tell your provider that you want to save even more money by using Wasabi as your cloud storage target.

If you’re not ready to rip out and replace the system that you know and have used for years, Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is the perfect solution. It creates a seamless hybrid storage environment to maximize and preserve your current investment.

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud meets all major industry and government regulatory and retention requirements, including HIPAA, CJIS, FERPA, FINRA, and more, making it an ideal solution for hospitals, law enforcement, education, security integrators, or any large enterprise.

The easiest way to cloud-enable your VMS has two easy ways to pay!

Pay as You Go

  • Surveillance Cloud software + storage
  • No fees for egress or API requests
  • Basic support

Reserve Capacity Storage

  • Purchase in 1, 3 or 5 year increments
  • Surveillance Cloud software + storage
  • No fees for egress or API requests
  • Premium support plan

2023 Best in Video Surveillance Data Storage

The SIA NPS Awards program, which are presented annually at ISC West, recognizes winners in several product and service categories and presents the prestigious Judges' Choice and Best New Product awards.

Wasabi won for best new product under the Video Surveillance Data Storage category.

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